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Heritage Print Tall Rubber Boot <br> Cunningham Tartan

Heritage Print Tall Rubber Boot

Cunningham Tartan
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  • Natural rubber construction
  • 100% waterproof
  • 15.7" H (40 cm)
  • 16" circumference (40.5 cm), adjustable up to 16.14" (41 cm)
  • Imported

Keep your feet stylish and dry in these very comfortable rubber boots, designed to provide support and protection.


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Pendleton Heritage

In 1889, Thomas Kay opened his first mill in Salem, Oregon where his eldest daughter, Fannie, learned the textile business. When she married retail merchant C.P. Bishop, a complementary combination of merchandising and manufacturing expertise emerged - a solid foundation for what was to become Pendleton Woolen Mills. In 1895, the company’s woolen mill began making bed blankets and robes for the American Indigenous community. In September of that same year, the first products emerged from the new finishing department and the tradition of Pendleton Woolen Mills began.

Making a Pendleton

Pendleton is founded on an intimate knowledge of the wool business – from fiber to fabric. Whether it’s a wool garment, wool fabric, or a wool blanket, Pendleton offers over 100 years of expertise, imagination and dedication to quality. As a world-leading, vertically integrated wool manufacturer, Pendleton uses sophisticated information systems to ensure a balanced flow of raw materials through production and on to finished products available at top retailers across the globe.