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Gift Card

Gift Card

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Give the gift of limitless possibility. The Pendleton Canada gift card is available in amounts starting from $25 and up to $500, valid exclusively for use on

The gift of choice - a Pendleton Gift Card. It's so easy to give and even easier to receive. It always fits, it's always the right colour and is perfect for any occasion. It will be emailed directly.

GIFT CARD TERMS & CONDITIONS Terms & Conditions: Purchase or use of a Pendleton Canada gift card constitutes acceptance of terms & conditions. Pendleton Canada gift cards are redeemable for merchandise only at or by call (1-844-777-5293) Except as required by law, cards are not redeemable or exchangeable for cash, cheque, or credit. Gift cards are not a credit or debit cards and are not reloadable. Pendleton Canada Gift Cards does not expire and is valid until redeemable.